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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ragnarok offline Eathena 3CEAM server.

The Server called Eathena 3CEAM

Download links here.
(Ragnarok Client)(Download all Parts) (download the latest version)
(Data Files) (Extract This First Before Playing the Game or Running the Server)

[EATHENA SERVER FILES](this is the server files got it?)

AIO.GRF [Just put this to the ragnarok client] [Sample images]
Guides here + NPC Added in MOA [Wing Shops]

how to register

        Just add _M or _F in the log in screen
           I.D    yourusername_M <-- see?, [Easy]!
           Pss    yourpassword

for GM Accounts
          I.D. tzakuzi
          Pss. doomsday

to make you own GM accounts "go to "Ragnarok Offline\3CeAM+_eA14431_Abyss\save\accounts.txt.back\ open it with notepad
                                change //  i.d. tzakuzi and pss. doomsday
                       "note: to be sure,, open also "account.txt" and change it

if your planning on creating, adding new items, weapons, you'd better start learning about the server side and the client side first. and you'll be needing
certain tools like  "IteMoLuper, and GRF Tools." arggg,, just visit and post your problem
                            note: before you post make sure you check and search,browse first, some others might post the same problem as you and has been solved."

note: you can use IteMoLuper in editing item as well. like adding slot,changing the price/sell value, changing def,atk, etc.


  1. Thnx for sharing... works just fine..

  2. Hey! cards doesnt drop on this server >.< can u share us a newer version of this? i really wanna play like im playing online

  3. cant download.. can u make other download webs.. and are this sever have 3rd job in it..???

  4. Replies
    1. can u upload to mediafire or any other site??please...???

  5. Sir I cany download FBI piracy??

  6. megaupload closed T_T i cant download it